Quietly walked around the house…

Quietly walked around the house,
Not waiting for nothing.
I was taken to the sick,
And I did not recognize him.

He said: “Now, thank God, —
And thoughtfully became.
For a long time I have to go on the road,
I'm just waiting for you.

So me you delirious disquieted,
All your words shore.
Tell: You can not just?”
And I said,: “Can”.

It seemed, wall shining
From floor to ceiling.
A silk blanket
Dry lay a hand.

A profile carried over predatory
He became so terribly difficult and rude,
And it was not audible breath
In bitten dark lips.

But suddenly last strength
The blue eyes came to life:
“Good, you let,
Do not you always been good”.

And it was a person under,
Again, I know him
And she said: “Lord God,
Take your servant”.

July 1914

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Anna Akhmatova
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