As much as you probably, tea fidele evening,
And constant until death.
How are clouds on the edge,
I remember your speech,

And you on my speech
Become lighter Days of Night.

So detached from the earth,
highly we, as the stars, walking.

neither despair, or shame
not now, or later, not then.

But alive and awake,
hear you, what's your name.

And that door, you opened,
I slam is not strong enough.
26 November 1945
* five (ital.)
** How do you correct it, He will be faithful to you
And it will not change until the end of.
Baudelaire. (France.)
Translation Anna Akhmatova

Perish with the sounds in the air,
And Dawn pretended darkness.
In all numbed world
Only two voices: yours and mine.
And under the invisible wind Ladoga,
Through nearly a peal,
In light shine rainbows cross
night conversation turned.
20 December 1945

I did not like the old days with,
To feel sorry for me,
And drop your pity
I go, like the sun in the body.
That's why around dawn.
I'm going, create miracles,
That is why!
20 December 1945

you know yourself, that I will not praise
Bitterest day of our meeting.
What do you want to leave a memory,
my shadow? What do you want the shadow?
Dedication burnt drama,
And from which there is no ash,
Or suddenly released from the frame
New scary portrait?
Or audible barely
The ringing of birch coals,
or to, I do not have time
Unsaid about someone else's love?
6 January 1946

We did not breathe sleepy poppies,
And we do not know his guilt.
Under what the star signs
We were born on the mountain itself?
And what a pitch brew
He brought us to the January darkness?
And what is invisible glow
We came down to the world of the mind?
11 January 1946

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