Two passages from a fairy tale “On the black ring”


Me from my grandmother-Tatar
Were rare gifts;
And why I was baptized,
Bitterly she was angry.
And before he died kinder
And sorry for the first time.
And he sighed: “Brother, of the year!
That young granddaughter”.
AND, just like my ugly,
Bequeathed ring black.
so I said: “He it,
With him it will be fun”.


I told my friends:
“burn many, little happiness”, –
And she went, covering his face;
I lost the ring.
And my friends said:
“We are always looking for the ring,
Near the sea on the sand
And among the pine trees on the meadow”.
AND, caught up with me at the mall,
the, who was another bold,
He urged me
Wait until the slope of the day.
I was surprised advice
And on the other angry,
His eyes were gentle:
“And what I need you?
You can only laugh,
One to another to boast
Yes flowers here wear”.
All told to leave.

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Anna Akhmatova
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