And Jacob met Rachel in the valley,
He bowed to her, as a homeless wanderer.
Herd lifted hot dust,
The source was littered with huge stone.
He rolled back the stone his hand
And clean water watered the sheep.

But it was in his chest his heart sad.
hurt, like an open wound,
And he agreed to serve as a maid for
Seven years as a shepherd with Laban.
Rachel! For, someone in authority your,
Seven years - seven if the dazzling days.

But many premudr greedy Laban,
And pity unknown to him.
He thinks: each just a hoax
The glory of the house of Laban.
And Leah blind with a firm hand
It leads to Jacob in marriage peace.

Flowing high above the desert night,
Cool dew drops,
And groaning Laban's younger daughter,
Goading fluffy braids.
sister curses, and blasphemes God,
And the Angel of Death come bids.

And sweet dreams to Jacob an hour:
Transparent source Valley,
Funny eyes Rachel's eyes
And her voice pigeon:
Jacob, not you kiss me
And its called black dove?


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Anna Akhmatova
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