And slander accompanied me everywhere.
Its creeping step I've heard in a dream
And in the dead city under a merciless sky,
Wandering at random for shelter and bread.
And the glow of her burning all eyes,
The betrayal, how innocent fear.
I'm not afraid of her. On each call to a new
I've got a decent response and harsh.
But the inevitable day, I already foresee, —
At dawn will come to my friends,
And my sweetest dream sobs disturbed,
And scapular put on chest chilled.
Nobody do not know if it will go,
In my blood its unremitting mouth
Considered not tired nebyvshie resentment,
Weaving his voice in prayer requiem.
And he will heed all its shameful nonsense,
To eye the neighbor could not raise neighbor,
That terrible emptiness in my body left,
To the last time my soul was burning
earthly powerlessness, flying into the dawn mist,
And the wild compassion for abandoned land.


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Anna Akhmatova
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