1. hostess
E. WITH. Bulgakova

In this upper room witch
Before I lived alone:
The shadow of its more visible
On the eve of New Moon,
The shadow of her still standing
At the high threshold,
And evasive and strictly
She looks at me.
I myself do not such,
Stranger who is subservient to the charms,
I myself… But, however, nothing
Tyne does not extradite its.
5 August 1943

2. guests
“…you are drunk,
Still time to nah House…”
The aged Don Juan
And once again rejuvenated Faust
I encountered at my door –
Out of the tavern and with bye!..
Or it was just the branches
Under the black wind quiver,
Green magic rays,
Like poison, drenched, but still –
On the two people I know
Disgustingly similar?
1 November 1943

3. change
not because, the mirror is broken,
not because, the wind howled in the chimney,
not because, that thoughts of you
Already someone else something leaked,-
not because, not because
I met him on the threshold.
27 February 1944

4. A meeting
As if the terrible songs
merry chorus –
Is the rickety ladder,
separation beating.
I'm not him, and he said to me –
And the pigeons in the window…
And the courtyard in the ivy, and you are in a raincoat
In the words of my.
He was not up to me, and I him –
into darkness,
into darkness,
into darkness.
16 October 1943

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