Poem Without a Hero. triptych (1940-1962)

fourth edition

God keeps everything
(The motto on the emblem of the Fountain House)

instead of introduction

Some are no more, and they far…

The first time she came to me in the Fountain House in the Night 27 December 1940 city, sending as a messenger in the fall of a small fragment (“You came out of nowhere in Russia…”).
I did not call her. I do not even waiting for her in the cold and dark day of my last winter in Leningrad.
Its appearance was preceded by several small and insignificant facts, I hesitate to call events.
That night I wrote two pieces of the first part (“1913”) and “dedication”. In early January, I was almost surprised himself wrote “tails”, and in Tashkent (two divided doses) – “Epilogue”, became the third part of the poem, and made several significant inserts in the first two parts.
I dedicate this poem the memory of her first students – my friends and fellow citizens, who died in Leningrad during the siege.
Their voices I hear and remember them, when I read the poem aloud, and the secret choir became my excuse for all this stuff.

8 April 1943 of the year

Before I often hear rumors about the perverse and absurd interpretations "Poem Without a Hero". And someone even advised me to make the poem more intelligible.
I will refrain from it.
any third, seventh and twenty-ninth poem has no meaning.
no change, nor to explain it, I will not.
"Hedgehog pisah – pisaha ».

November 1944


27 December 1940
... and since I did not have enough paper,
I am writing to your draft.
And someone else's word emerges
AND, how then Snowflake on a hand,
Confidentially and without reproach melts.
And dark lashes Antinoya1
suddenly rose – and there is green smoke,
And the wind blew native…
Do not sea?
No, it is only the needles
Mohylnaya, and nakipane foams
getting closer, nearer…
funeral Marches…
Night. Fountain House

second initiation


You're Lee, Confusion-Psiheya2,
Black-and-white fan wei,
Leans over me,
Do you want me to tell you a secret,
What is past oblivion
And inoyu breathe spring.
Do not dictate to me, I hear myself:
Warm shower ran into the roof,
Shepotochek I hear in the ivy.
Someone was going to live a little,
Zelenel, pushilsya, I tried
Tomorrow is a new flash cloak.
dreaming –
she's one on me, –
the, that people call the spring,
I call loneliness.
dreaming –
I dream of our youth,
And, T otal passed the bowl;
I do it to you awake,
If you want to, I give in memory,
Like clay pure flame
Ile podsnezhnyk burial in ditch.

25 May 1945
Fountain House

The third and last

(Kings' day)*3
Every Epiphany evening…

Fully I freeze with fear,
Better click Chacon Baha,
And her people will…
He would not I cute husband,
But we so deserve it,
What confused Twentieth Century.
I took it by accident
the fact, who granted a mystery,
Who most bitter fated,
He was to my palace Fountain
Late night misty
Christmas drink wine.
And remember Epiphany evening,
Maple window, wedding candles
And the poem death flight…
But it is not the first branch of lilac,
Do not ring, not the sweetness of prayer –
He will bring death to me.

5 January 1956

*kings day (fr.)


Year fortieth,
As with the tower at all look.
As if saying goodbye again
In order, what I have long goodbye,
As if the sign of the cross
And I'll go under the dark vaults.

1941 year - August
(besieged Leningrad)

Part one
Nine hundred and thirteenth year
Petersburg tale

As a rider finiral
Men dell aurora.
Don Giovanni

Chapter one

New Year celebration lasts magnificently,
Wet stalks of Christmas roses.
“brushes” 1914

With Tatiana us not to tell fortunes…

New Year's Eve. Fountain House. By author, instead of, who waited, come the shadows
from the thirteenth year in the guise of clowns. White Hall of Mirrors. Lyrical digression –
“Guest from the Future”. Masquerade. Poet. Ghost.

I lit candles cherished,
To the evening light,
And with thee, as I did not come back,
Forty-first meet year.
Lord's strength to us!
The crystal flame drowned,
“And wine, like poison burns”.
It bursts tough talk,
When all raised Breda,
And the clock is still not beaten…
Nope my dismay measures,
I myself, like a shadow on the doorstep,
Beware the last comfort.
And I hear the call prolonged,
And I feel the cold wet,
sTONE, scarecrows, sorrow…
AND, as though remembering something,
will return vpoloborota,
A quiet voice say:
“You are mistaken: Venice Doje –
It's nearby… But the mask in the hallway
and raincoats, and batons, and crowns
You have to leave now,
I have taken in head now glorify,
Christmas urchins!”
this Faust, the Don Juan,
Dapertutto4, Iokanaanom5,
leanest – north Glan,
Ile slayer Dorian,
And whisper your Diani
Firmly Lessons Learned.
And they made way for the wall,
flashed light, sirens,
And as the dome ceiling vspuh.
Not that I'm afraid of publicity…
What do I Gamletovy garters,
What do I Salomeinoy whirlwind dances,
What I received the Iron Mask,
I have the pozhelezney…
And whose turn it is to be frightened,
recoil, recoil, to surrender
And to atone for old sins?
clear all:
Not to me, so to whom do?
Not for them are preparing dinner,
And do it with me on the way.
The tail had hidden under the coat-tails of his coat…
As he and elegant chrome…
I hope, lord of Darkness
You did not dare to enter here?
mask is, skull, Do litso –
Sorrowful expression of pain,
That only Goya dared pass.
Total minion and mocker –
In front of him the most stinking sinner –
grace personified…

* * *

Have fun – so much fun,
Just how could it happen,
That one of them I was alive?
Tomorrow morning I will wake,
And no I do not condemn,
And my face will laugh
Zaokonnaya blue.
But Im scared: I'll go myself,
Lace shawl without removing,
All I smile and shut up.
With it, By what was once
The necklace of black agate
Before Iosafata6 Valley,
Again, I do not want to meet…
Do not close the last eh timeline?..
I've forgotten your lessons,
Krasnobay and false prophets! –
But I have not forgotten you.
As in the past future ripens,
Since smoldering in the future past –
Terrible holiday dead foliage.
B Footsteps, those, which no,
E On the shining parquet
A blue smoke cigars.
S And in all the mirrors reflected
J Man, that does not appear
And sneak in the room could not.
Z It is not better than the others and no worse,
A Not blows chill leteyskoy,
R And in his hand the heat.
Guest from the Future! – Really
He would come to me in fact,
Turning left from the bridge?

Since childhood, I was afraid of clowns,
I always somehow seemed,
That any excess shadow
Among them “b e h l e g th a n s in Article”
open the Assembly
On New Year's day of celebration!
TY midnight gofmanianu
I disclose about the world will not
And others have asked…
You do not seem to be on the books,
The Cagliostro, mahah, liziskah7,
Striped dressed verst, –
Gaudily daubed and rude –
You …
coeval Mamvriyskogo duba8,
The age-old companion moon.
Do not be deceived feigned moans,
You write the iron laws,
Xammuraʙi, Lycurgus, solonı9
You must learn.
The creature is a strange character.
He does not wait, to gout and glory
We put him in a hurry
The jubilee curvy chair,
And it carries on a blossoming heather,
In deserts his triumph.
And innocent: not in this,
Or the other and any third…
We do not stuck sins.
Dance a pre Ark Zaveta10
or perish!..
Yes there! About it
It is better to have told the poems.
Creek barnyard us can only dream of,
Behind a window Neva smokes,
Bottomless night and lasts, lasts –
Petersburg chertovnya…
In the black sky the stars are not visible,
Death around here, obviously,
but careless, spicy, besstıdna
Masquerade chatter…
“Hero to the forefront!”
Do not worry: cornstalk replaced
Be sure to come out now!
And sing a sacred place…
What are you all run away together,
As if everyone has found for the bride,
Leaving the eye to eye
I was in the twilight with a black frame,
Of which looks the same,
Became naigorchayshey drama
And not mourned hour?

It's all right not sag.
As a musical phrase,
I hear whispers: “goodbye! It's time!
I'll leave you alive,
But you will be my widow,
You – Golubka, the sun, sister!”
On site two fused shadows…
After -lestnitsy flat stage,
cry: “Do not!” and remote
clear voice:
“I am ready for death”.

Fakelы dimmed, ceiling falls. White (mirror) zal11 done again bathroom author. Words from the darkness:

no death – everybody knows,
Repeat this has become insipid,
And what is – let me tell.
who knocks?
After all let.
This is a guest zazerkalny? Or
the, that suddenly flashed in the window…
Jokes eh months young,
Or indeed there is someone again
Between the stove and the cabinet should?
Pale forehead and eyes open…
so, fragile gravestones,
so, softer wax granite…
Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense! – From such nonsense
I shall become a gray soon
Or become an entirely different.
What do you manish my hand?!
In one minute of rest
I'll give a posthumous peace.

through the area

Somewhere around this place (“…but careless, spicy, shameless masquerade chatter…”)
more wandered such lines, but I would not let them in the main text:

“I assure, This is not new…
you are a child, Signor Casanova…”
“At exactly six Isakevsky…”
“Somehow pobredem of darkness,
We are still here “dog”…12
“You are here somewhere?” –
“God knows!”
Sancho and Don Pansы-Kihotы
And alas!, Sodom Loty13
Deadly try juice,
Aphrodite emerged from the foam,
Helen stirred in a glass,
And madness is nearing deadline.
And again from the fountain grota14
Where love moans nap,
Through ghostly gates
And the shaggy and red someone
kozlonogy dragged.
All the more elegant and above all,
Though she did not see or hear –
not klyanet, do not pray, not breathing,
Chairman of madame de Lamballe,
A smirennitsa and beauty,
You, that goat plyashesh tap,
Again gulish languidly and meekly:
“What does my Prince Carnival?”

And at the same time in the depths of rooms, scenes, ada or on top getevskogo Broken
About n appears as the (maybe – its shadow):

As the claw, topochut boots,
As the bell, zvenyat earrings,
The pale curls evil horns,
Accursed dancing drunk, –
Like a black-figure vases
He ran to a wave of azure
So parade naked.
And behind her in greatcoat and helmet
You, entered here without a mask,
You, Ivan ancient tales,
What you today afflict?
How much bitterness in every word,
How much darkness in your love,
And why this trickle of blood
Reopen petal cheeks?

Chapter Two

you voluptuously, you bodily
live, brilliant shade!

bedroom Heroines. Lit candle wax. Above the bed three portraits hostess starring. Right it – kozlonogy, in the middle – Confusion, left – Portrait in the shadows. one seems, it Columbine, other – Donna Anna (of “steps Commander”). For roof window arapchata playing snowballs. blizzard. New Year midnight. confusion comes alive, coming from the portrait, and fancies her voice, who reads:

Opened Satin coat!
Do not be angry with me, Golubka,
That I will touch on this Cup:
Not you, and the penalty itself.
Still suitable retribution –
see there, for vyyugoy krupchatoy,
Meyerholdovy arapchata
Again plotting fuss?
And around the old city, Peter,
What people povyter sides
(How, then, the people said), –
In manes, in harness, in flour convoys,
In painty tea roses
And a cloud of raven.
but flies, smiling alleged,
Above the scene prima Marinsky,
You – Our swan incomprehensible,
And the island was late snob.
sound orchestra, both from the world,
(Shadow of something flashed somewhere),
Do dawn premonition
Chills ran through the ranks?
And again, the voice of the familiar,
If the echo of thunder mountain, –
Our glory and triumph!
He fills the heart quiver
And bears on the road
over the country, nurtured him.
Branches in blue-white snow…
Corridor of Peter Kollegiy15
infinite, gulok and straight
(Anything can happen,
But he will stubbornly dream
the, who now goes there).
Ridiculously close interchange;
From behind the screen mask Petrushkina16,
Around the campfires coachman dance,
Over the household black-yellow banner…
Everything is already on the ground, who should be;
The fifth act of the Summer Garden
smells… Ghost of hell Tsushima
Here. – Drunken sailor sings…

* * *

As the parade ring rails
And dragged cavity goat…
by, shadow! – He was there alone.
On the wall of his hard profile.
Gabriel and Mephistopheles
yours, beauty, paladin?
Demon himself with a smile Tamara,
But these are hidden charms
In this terrible, Dymna face:
Flesh, almost became spirit,
And antique curl over the ear –
All in mysterious stranger.
He's in a crowded room
Had sent the black rose in a glass,
Or it was all a dream?
With the dead hearts and dead eyes
Whether he met with the Commander,
That made the way the damn house?
And he told word,
How have you been to the new space,
How is the time you were, –
And in what Crystal Polar
And in what the radiance of amber
There, at the mouth of the Lethe – Not you.
You ran here from the portrait,
And empty frame to light
On the wall you will have to wait.
So you dance without a partner!
I fateful role of the choir
Themselves willing to accept.

On your cheeks red spots;
you have walked in the leaf back;
After all, today this night,
When you need to pay the bill…
A durmanyaschuyu dremotu
I find it hard, than death, prevozmochy.

You came out of nowhere in Russia,
Oh my blond miracle,
Columbine teens!
What you see you are so vague and vigilantly,
Petersburg doll, actress,
You – one of my twins.
For other titles, and this should be
to ascribe. About poets friend,
I heir thine honor.
Here the music marvelous maitre,
Leningrad wild wind
And in the shadow of the cedar reserve
I see the dance of the court bones.

Gutter wedding candles,
under Fatoş “shoulders or kissing”,
temple rattles: “dove, ridge!”17
Mountain Parma violets in April –
& Dating in Malta kapelle18,
As curse in your chest.
Golden eh century vision
Or black crime
The terrible chaos of old days?
Now answer me though:
You once lived in fact
And trampled ends areas
Blinding his leg?..

House Motley komedyantskoy trucks,
peeling cupids
Lady's altar guarded.
Songbirds do not put in a cage,
Bedroom you removed as a gazebo,
Village girl-neighbor
Do not know a cheerful skobar19.
The walls are hidden twisted ladder,
And on the walls of the holy azure –
Polukradeno is good…
All in colors, as “Spring” Botticelli,
You friends took in bed,
And languished Dragoon Piero, –
All in love with you superstitious
the, with a smile of the evening sacrifice,
Did you tell him how to become – magnet,
Poblednev, he looks through her tears,
As you reached out roses
And as an enemy of his famous.
I have not seen your husband,
I, frost clings to the glass…
Here he is, battle fortress hours…
Do not be afraid – home does not match, –
Come to me safely meet –
Your horoscope is ready for a long time…

Chapter Three

And under the arch at the Galley…
Anna Akhmatova

In St. Petersburg we get together again,
Like the sun we buried him.

That was the last year…

Petersburg 1913 of the year. Lyrical digression: last memory of Tsarskoye Selo.
Wind, not remembering, not prophesying, mutters:

Yuletide fires were warmed,
And with the coach toppled bridges,
And the whole city mourning floated
For unknown destination,
Il on the Neva against the tide, –
Only away from their graves.
On Galernoy black arch,
In the Summer of finely sung wind vane,
And the silver bright month
Above the Silver Age froze.
that is why, that all the roads,
that is why, that all thresholds
Slowly approaching shadow,
The wind tore off the wall posters,
Smoke danced squatting on the roof
And the cemetery smelled of lilacs.
And the queen of Avdotya sworn,
Dostoevsky and demoniac,
City to your left fog.
And again peeking out of the darkness
Old piterschik and reveler,
How to beat the drum before execution…
And always in the dark, frosty,
prewar, lascivious and formidable,
I lived some future rumble,
But then he could hear the muffled,
He hardly troubled soul
And Neva snowdrifts drowning.
As in a mirror terrible night
And rages and does not want to
People recognize themselves,
And along the waterfront of the legendary
Approached not calendar –
This Twentieth Century.

And now would be home soon
Cameron Gallery
The ice secret garden,
Where are silent waterfalls,
Where all nine I will be happy,
As you've been once pleased.
There, behind the island, there is a garden
Did not we meet eyes
Our previous clear eyes,
Did you not tell me again
Conquered death word
And the answer to my life?

The head of the fourth and final

Love has passed and became clear
And near death traits.
vs. TO.

Angle of Mars. House, built in the early XIX century brothers Adamini. It will be a direct hit by bombs in 1942 year. High fire is burning. Could be heard hitting the bells of the Savior on Spilled Blood. On the field of ghost blizzard palace ball. In between these sounds of silence she says:

Who stood at the windows pomerkshih,
In whose heart “fawn curl”,
Those who in the eyes of the darkness? –
“Help, not too late!
Do you have a frosty
And someone else, night, was not!”
Wind, Baltic full of salt,
Ball snowstorms on the Champ de Mars
And invisible ringing hooves…
And in the immense anxiety,
Who would live a little,
Who only asks for the death of God
And who will ever be forgotten.
He's after midnight the windows wanders,
It ruthlessly directs
Dim lights beam angle, –
And he waited. slim mask
Opposite “The way from Damascus”
returned home… not one!
Someone with her “b e h l e g th a n s in Article”…
unequivocal farewell
Through the oblique flame fire
He saw – collapsed buildings.
And in response to a piece of sobs:
“You – Golubka, the sun, sister! –
I'll leave you alive,
But you'll be on the m th e widow,
And now…
it's time to say goodbye!”
On the landing smell of perfume,
And dragoon cornet with poems
And with a senseless death in the chest
call, if you have enough courage…
He spends the last moment,
To praise you.
Not in the damned Masurian marshes,
In blue Carpathian heights…
is he – on your doorstep!
God forgive you!

(How many fatalities went to the poet,
Foolish boy: he chose the, –
First, he could not bear insults,
He did not know, at some threshold
He stands and what the road
Before it opens views…)

It's me – your old conscience
Sought burnt story
And on the edge of the sill
In the house of the deceased
I put –
and went on tiptoe…


Everything is good: is a poem
AND, as it is peculiar to it, silent.
Well, and suddenly breaks out as a topic,
Zastuchit fist out the window, –
And respond from afar
On the call this terrible sound –
Klokotanie, moan and scream
And the vision of crossed arms?..

Part two

…Years water I drink,
I doctor banned Sadness.

In my beginning is my end.

Scene – Fountain House. Time – early January 1941 g. In the ghost snowmaking maple. Just flashed a hell harlequinade thirteenth year, unlocking the great silence molchalnitsy-era and left behind him the peculiar to each holiday or funeral procession mess – dыm torch, Flowers on the floor, forever lost sacred souvenirs… The chimney wind howls, and the howling can be guessed very deep and very cleverly hidden pieces of Requiem. About tom, that imagining in the mirrors, better not to think.

…jasmine bush,
Where Dante went on, and the air is empty.

My editor was not pleased,
He swore to me, I was busy and sick,
Classified By your phone
And vorchal: “There are three threads at once!
Having read the last sentence,
do not understand, someone who is in love,

Who, when and why met,
who died, and who remained alive,
And who is the author, and who is the hero, –
And why should we today, these
The arguments about the poet
And some ghosts swarm?”

I answered: “There are three of them –
Chief was dressed Verstov,
And the other as a daemon dressed, –
That they have got centuries,
Their poems for them tried,
The third lived only twenty years,

And I feel sorry for him”. And again
Drop-down word for word,
Blaring music box,
And over the bottle nadbitym
Language curves and angry
Yad unknown blazed.

And in the dream, everything seemed, what is it
I eat for someone libretto,
And there is no release from the music.
But the dream – This thing, too,,
Soft embalmer20, Blue bird,
Elsinorskih parapet terraces.

And I myself was not pleased,
This infernal harlequinade
From a distance, he heard the howling.
All I had hoped, that past
white Hall, like smoke flakes,
It sweeps through the darkness coniferous.

Do not be repulsed by a motley junk,
This is an old chudit Cagliostro –
Satan himself gracefully,
Who is not crying over the dead with me,
Who does not know, conscience means
And why it exists.

Midnight carnival Roman
And it does not smell. chant Heruvimskoy
At the closed churches trembles.
At my door no one is knocking,
Only mirror mirror dream,
Silence Silence guards.

And me with my “seventh”,
Polumertvaya and HEMA,
Her mouth opened and kept,
Like the mouth of tragic masks,
But he smeared black paint
And by the dry ground full of.

The enemy is trying: “well, Tell me,
But the word, nor groan, no cry
Not hear her enemy.
And Decades,
war, of death, birthday. I sing
In this horror can not.

civil death celebrations
I'm fed up – trust,
I see them, neither night, the COE.
Weaning be from bed
And the table – trivia! but worthless
then endure, that got me.

I eh will melt in a government Anthem?
Do not donate, not donate, do not give me
Diadem with a dead forehead.
Soon I will need lira,
But Sophocles rope, not Shakespeare.
Standing in the doorway – fate.

And for me was a topic,
How razdavlennaya chrysanthemum
semi, when the coffin was carried.
Between “remember” and “recall”, other,
Distance, both from Luga
Before the country satin baut22.

The devil lured into installing rummage…
Well, how could it happen,
That in all my fault?
I – tişayşaya, I – simple,
“Plantain”, “White room”,..
acquit… but how, friends?

And know: accused of plagiarism…
Am I to blame others?
However, This I do not care.
I agree to failure
And do not hide their embarrassment…
In box w double bottom.

but I confess, that applied
sympathetic ink…
I am writing a letter mirror,
And the other way I do not have –
Miraculously, I came across this
And to leave her in no hurry.

To the messenger of the century old
Cherished dream of El Greco
He explained to me entirely without words,
A single smile summer,
How was I to him Forbidden
All seven deadly sins.

And then of gryazhuschego century
Let them see your eyes boldly,
So it flying off the shadows
Gave bunch of wet lilac
In the hour, as this storm blow.

A stoletnyaya charmer
Suddenly I woke up and have fun
wanted. I have nothing to do with.
Lace handkerchief drops,
Tomio blinks due to construction projects
And bryullovskoy beckons shoulder.

I pila it in every drop
AND, devilish black thirst
Obsessed, dont know, as
I finished with a demoniac:
I threatened her Star Chamber
And I drove to Rhoda cherdak23 –

In the darkness, under Manfredovy ate,
And on the shore, where the dead Shelli24,
Just looking at the sky, lying, –
And larks around the world
Tearing chasm ester,
And Torch Georg derzhal25.

But she insisted stubbornly:
“I'm not the English lady
And it is not Clara Gazul26,
Not at all in my family tree,
Besides solar fabulous,
And he brought me in July.

And your ambiguous glory,
Twenty years lying in a ditch,
I do not even so will serve,
We are with you yet popiruem,
And I'm the king's with a kiss
Wicked Midnight your reward”.

(Howl in chimney subsides, I heard the distant sound of Requiem'a, some muffled moans.
It's millions of sleeping women raving in his sleep).
You ask my contemporaries,
Katorzhanok, stopyatnits, captives,
And to you, we porasskazhem,
How forgetful lived in fear,
How to raise children to scaffold,
To torture chamber and prison.

Clenched lips turned blue,
Hecuba mad
And Cassandra of Chukhloma
Zagremit we silent chorus,
we – topped with shame:
“On the other side of hell we”.

part Three

Be empty of that place…

Yes, silent desert areas,
Where people were executed before dawn.

Love you, Peter's creation!

my city

White Night 24 June 1942 g. City in ruins. From the harbor to the Smolny see everything at a glance. In some places, burning down the long-standing fires. And Sheremetevsky garden flower linden and the nightingale sings. One of the third-floor window (before which crippled maple) embossed, and behind him a gaping black void. In Kronstadt side uhayut heavy guns. But generally quiet. voice of the author, who is seven thousand kilometers, pronounces:

Thus, under the roof of the Fountain House,
Where time wandering languor
With a key ring and lantern, –
I Auca a distant echo,
Inappropriate laughter confusing
Wakeless dormice things,
Where, witness anything,
At dusk and dawn
He looks into the room an old maple
AND, anticipating our separation,
I withered black hand,
How to help, pulls it.
But the ground underfoot was buzzing,
And such a star gazing
In my not yet abandoned house
And I waited for the sound of conditional…
It's in there somewhere – in Tobruk,
It's around here somewhere – around the corner.
(You're not the first nor the last
Dark listener bright fantasies,
I kind of preparing a place?
You do not drink, just take a sip
The bitterness from the very depths –
This news of our separation.
Do not put my hand on the crown of the head –
Let ever stop time
On thee hours of data.
We will not escape the misfortune,
And the cuckoo not zakukuet
The scorched our forests…)

Behind the barbed wire,
In the heart of the dense taiga –
I dont know, which year –
Camp became a handful of dust,
Became a tale of terrible were,
My double for questioning is.
And then he goes to the interrogation.
Two messengers Girls Beznosov
Destined to protect him.
And I hear even from –
Is it not a miracle! –
The sounds of their voices:

I paid for you
Ten years went
under Nagano,
or to the left, our straight
I did not look,
And for me a bad reputation

…And do not become my grave,
You, kramolynыy, disgraced, sweet,
pale, pomertvel, zatih.
Razlučenie our mnimo:
I am with you nerazluchima,
my shadow on your walls,
My reflection in channels,
The sound of footsteps in the halls of the Hermitage,
Where is my friend walked with me,
And the old Volkov Pole27,
Where can I cry in the wild
Silence over the mass graves.
Everything, what is said in the first part
About love, changes and passion,
I folded wings with free verse,
And it's worth my City “sutured”…
Heavy tombstones
On sleepless thy sight.
It seemed to me, You chased me,
You, that there was to die
In the glare of the spiers, in the reflection of water.
Do not wait for desired messenger…
Upon you – only your damsels,
White nochenek dance.
A fun word – houses –
Now anyone not familiar,
All in someone else's window look.
Who in Tashkent, and who is in New York City,
And the air is bitter exile –
As the poisoned wine.
All you could admire me,
When in the belly of the flying fish
I was saved from the wicked chase
And over the forest full of enemies,
and Slovno, oderzhymaya besom,
As to the Brocken the night swept…

And under me right
Ice-cream and style Kama,
AND “quo vadis?” someone told,
But do not move my mouth gave,
As the tunnels and bridges
Thundered crazy Ural.
And it was revealed to me that way,
By which it took so much,
By whose son drove,
And there was a long way to funeral
Amid the solemn and crystal
Silence Siberian Earth.
on, that became ashes,
Seized with mortal fear
And knowing vengeance term,
Lowered her eyes dry
And wringing her hands, Russia
Before me was on vostok28.

editor's Notes:

1 Antinous – antique handsome.
2 “You're Lee, Confusion…” – the heroine of the play by Yuri Belyaev.
3 Kings' day – Twelfth-night: 5 January.
4 Dapertuto – alias Vsevolod Meyerhold.
5 Iokanaan – St. John the Baptist.
6 valley of Jehoshaphat – the proposed location of the Last Judgment.
7 Liziska – alias Empress Messalina in Roman brothels.
8 oak of Mamre – cm. Genesis.
9 Xammuraʙi, Lycurgus, McCune – lawmakers.
10 Ark of the Covenant – Byblos.
11 Hall – White Hall of Mirrors at the Fountain House (works Quarenghi) through the area of ​​the apartment of the author.
12 “Dog” – “homeless dog”, artistic cabaret teens.
13 Lots of Sodom (cm. “Being”, see.
14 Fountain Grotto – built in 1757 g. Argunov garden Sheremetev Palace on the Fontanka (the so-called Fountain House), destroyed in the early teens (cm. Lukomsky, pp.
15 Corridor Petrovsky Boards – Petersburg University corridor.
16 Petrushkina mask – “Parsley”, Stravinsky's ballet.
17 “dove, ridge!” – motet. singing, when the bride stepped onto the carpet in the church.
18 Maltese Chapel – designed by Quarenghi (with 1798 g. to 1800 g) in the courtyard of the Vorontsov Palace, wherein placed Page Corps.
19 bumpkin – insulting nickname Pskov.
20 Soft embalmer (Eng.) – “gentle comforter” – cm. sonnet Keats “To the Sleep” (“K sleep”).
21 missing stanza – imitation of Pushkin. Cm. “About Eugene Onegin”: “Humbly confess also, that Don Juan has issued two stanzas”, – Pushkin wrote.
22 Bauta – Hooded Mask.
23 star-chamber (Eng.) – Secret trials, which was placed in the hall, where the starry sky was depicted on the ceiling.
24 Cm. Shelley's famous poem “To the Skylark”(“By lark”).
25 George – Lord Byron.
26 Clara Gazul – alias Mérimée.
27 Volkovo Pole – old name Volkov cemetery.
28 Previously, the poem ended so:
And me, mystery flashing
And called themselves – “seventh”,
On unheard raced feast,
Pretending to be a musical notebook,
famous Leningradka
He is returning to the native ester.

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