Notes to the poem “Requiem”

poems, compiled this “poem cycle”, written in the 1935-1940 gg. Until the mid 1962 g. the poem had no handwriting, and lived in the memory of Anna Akhmatova, and some of the most loved by her friends. The history of this era Enigma document reconstituted as encrypted diary entries in the LK. Chukovskaia.
Akhmatova lived in confidence, in her room, found the listening device, and verses “Requiem” usually not uttered vluh, and recorded on a piece of paper. LK. Chukovskaia memorized them by heart, and burned paper.
Last Read full text “Requiem”, before the poem was reprinted on a typewriter, took 27 May 1962 g. On this day, in the little park on Ordynka, L. TO. Chukovskaia, at the request of Akhmatova, I read the entire “Requiem”: “she listened, I read aloud poems, that many times repeated to himself. She untied the handkerchief knot, He opened the coat. I listened to my voice, I peered into the trees and the car. silent. I read every single. I asked, whether it is now going to write them. “I do not know”, – she replied, from what I understood, that I do not yet have the right to record. “except you, they should remember another seven” (Chukovskaia, 3. WITH. 34).
The name of the poem goes back to the first line of the Latin text “Requiem” – “Eternal peace…” Requiem – Catholic funeral service, five- sevenfold or musical work for soloists, people, organ or orchestra.

“You can not leave his mother an orphan” – From the novel by J.. Joyce “Ulisse” (1922).

No, and not under the firmament alien… – the last stanza of the poem Akhmatova (1961) – “So no wonder we're together bedovali…”

instead of introduction

In the terrible years of the Yezhov terror… – 1936-1938, during which NKVD headed NI. Yezhov.


“convict burrows” – lines from a poem Pushkina “In the depths of the Siberian ores…” (1827): “In your servitude nogy // My voice comes free…”


And by the wheels of Black Marias… – black Maroussia – also, that Black Crow, Machine transportation arrested (from English. Black Maria).


“You took away at dawn…” – addressed to NN. fullness. O.E. Mandelstam, which Akhmatova read this poem, I took it as addressed to itself.

Will I, like a Royal little wife… // Under the Kremlin towers howl. – By- apparently, inspired by the image of the painting VI. Surikov “Morning Strelets'execution” (1881). After suppression streletskogo riot Peter I in 1698 g. it was executed 1200 musketeers, subjected to the interrogation and torture.


The husband in the grave, son in prison… – first husband of Anna Akhmatova NS. Gumilyov was arrested 3 August 1921 g. on false charges “conspiracy Tagantsev”, 25 August shot.


…top hats blue // And pale with fear superintendent – employees of GPU (NKVD) They wore caps and tabs blue. “Someone in a blue cap” – one of the main characters in the judgment seat in a tragedy “Enuma Elisha”. When arrests in 30 years will certainly present superintendent.

flowing Yenisei, // polar star shines… (option: “clubs Yenisei”). – Roll call with a poem about. M. “For the thundering valor of ages to come…” (1931, 1935):
For the thundering valor of ages to come,
For high tribe people, –
I lost and bowls on fathers' feast,
and fun, and honor their.

My shoulder throws Century-wolfhound,
But I'm not a wolf by blood:
Shoved me better, as the cap, a sleeve
Hot coat Siberian steppes…

So as not to see either a coward, nor flimsy gryaztsy,
No bloody bones in the wheel;
To shine all night blue foxes
I was in his primitive beauty.

Lead me in the night, where the Yenisei flows
And the pines to the star gets,
Because they do not wave I in their blood
And I was only equal to kill.

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