Through all the earth

“In saneh sitting, going
through all the earth…”
teaching Vladimira
Monomakh detyam


Directly under the feet of bullets,
pushing the year,
January and iyulyam
I Get in there…
No one will see the wound,
Not hear my cry,
Me, kytezhanku,
called home.
And chasing me
Hundred of thousands march,
glass walls
streamed frost.
In ancient fires
charred warehouse.
“Here is a pass, friend,
Leave ago…”
And the warrior quietly
removes the bayonet.
As lush and sultry
The island came!
And the red clay,
And the apple orchard…
ABOUT, salve, Regina! * | * Hello, queen! (Lat.)
glowing sunset.
tropinochke cool
climb, shivering.
I need someone
Here hand shake…
No xriploj şarmanki
I do not listen to moaning.
Not the kitezhanke
There was a ringing.


trenches, trenches –
get lost here!
From old Europe
left flap,
Where in a cloud of smoke
burn the city…
And now the Crimea
darkens ridge.
I mourners flock
I am for a.
ABOUT, quiet edge
blue cloak!..
Over a dead jellyfish
embarrassed stand;
Here I met with the Muse
Her vow to give.
But laughs loudly,
Does not believe: “you l? ”
By droplets pouring
fragrant April.
And now, the glory
high threshold,
But his voice wicked
“Here you come back,
Come back more than once,
But again stumble
About sturdy diamond.
You'd better by,
You would be better back,
huddle, thanks,
The paternal garden”.


evening sometimes
thickening haze.
Let me co Hoffman
Reaches a corner.
He knows, how gulok
strangled cry
And someone in the alley
I got a double.
It's not a joke,
With twenty-five years
I see creepy
one silhouette.
“So, so, straight?
Here, around the corner?
thank!”- canvas
And the little house.
Dont know, that month
All dedicated.
With rope ladders
he breaks,
safely bypasses
abandoned house,
Where at the end of the night
I looked into the chip
broken mirrors
And a pile of darkness
slaughtered slept.


clear sound
high power,
As if the separation
thoroughly enjoy oneself.
familiar buildings
From the look of death –
And it will be a date
sadder hundredfold
Total, that once
It happened to me…
capital crucified
I'm going home.


Cheremukha past
Prokralasy, like a dream.
Someone “Tsushima!”
He said in a phone.
rather, rather –
ends life:
“Varangian” and “Korean”
Go east…
There swallow flies
old pain…
And then darkens
Fort Chabrol,
As of the last century
Ruined crypt,
Where the old cripple
Ogloh and blinded.
The harsh and gloomy,
his guard
With rifles borax.
“ago, ago!”


great winter
I've been waiting for,
As white Schema
it took.
And in light sledges
I sit quietly…
I to you, kitezhane,
I come back until night.
For ancient sites
one transition…
Tepep with kitezhankoi
No one will,
our brother, or neighbor,
Neither the first groom, –
Only conifer branch
Yes Solar verse,
dropped by the poor
And raised me…
In the last home
I repose.

10-12 Martha 1940
Fountain House

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  2. Sergei

    “Poetess” “stone Age” Russian poetry. Whatever heaped praise – does not matter “stone Age” “the silver” will not… thank, I read a lot (not only this “composition” and not only this “poet”). not inspired!
    I can do only 2 O:
    1. “The cuckoo praises cock for, he praises the cuckoo”…
    2. “The king is naked!”
    I can add a lot more, but all this will be only the shades…

    1. Критикаотнекритика

      Вызывает эмоции? Значит шедевр. Или как минимум настоящее искусство.