In the sea


Bay slashed low coast,
All sails escaped into the sea,
I dried the salt plait
A mile away from the earth on a flat stone.
Me sailed green fish,
I flew to the white gull,
I was daring, wicked and fun
It is not known, what is it – happiness.
The sand buries yellow dress,
To wind blew, not claimed the tramp,
And he swam far out to sea,
on the dark, warm waves of lay.
when returning, Lighthouse in the east
Already shone variable light,
And I'm a monk at the gate of Chersonesos
Spoke: “What you wander at night?”

known neighbors – I hear water,
AND, if they dug a new well,
call me, so I found a place
And people have not labored in vain.
I collected the French bullet,
How to gather mushrooms and blueberries,
And carried by home in the lap
Shards of rusty heavy bombs.
And his sister said angrily:
“When I'm queen,
Rds six battleships
And six gunboats,
To my bay guarded
Until Fiolent”.
And in the evening before bed
I prayed the dark icon,
To hail did not beat cherries,
To a large fish caught
And that sly tramp
I did not notice the yellow dresses.

I drove a friendship with fishermen.
Under the overturned boat often
During a rainstorm was sitting with them,
About the sea listened, memorized,
Each word secretly believing.
And it is to me the fishermen used to.
If I am not present at the marina,
Senior had sent the girl for me,
And this scream: “Our back”
Today, we'll flounder fry”.

He was a tall, gray-eyed boy,
For half a year younger than me,
He brought me a white rose,
Muscat white roses,
And he asked me gently: “Can
Are you sitting on the rocks?”
I was laughing: “What do I rose?
Just prick hurts!” – “What, –
He replied, – then I do,
If so, I fell in love with you”.
And I felt sorry: “Stupid! –
I asked. – What are you – tsarevitch?”
It was the gray-eyed boy,
For half a year younger than me.
“I want to marry you, –
Он сказал, – soon become an adult
And I'll go with you to the north…”
Cried the tall boy,
Because I did not want
neither the roses, or travel north.

Poor, I comforted him:
“think, I'm the queen,
What do I want a husband?”
“Well, then I'm a monk, –
Он сказал, – You in Hersonissos”.
“No, it is not necessary better: monks
do only, that die.
As you come – one buried,
And others, know, Do not cry”.
Gone not just a boy,
Muscat claimed the roses,
And I let him go,
Did not say: “Stay with me”.
A secret pain of separation
Moaned white seagull
Over gray sagebrush steppe,
above the desert, dead Korsun.


Bay slashed low coast,
Smoky sun sank into the sea,
Gypsy came out of the cave,
Finger beckoned me to her:
“What are you, beauty, walking barefooted?
soon fun, become wealthy.
Distinguished guests wait until Easter,
Distinguished guests will bow down;
Neither the beauty of your, neither love, –
Song one guest prymanysh”.
I gave the gypsy chain
And golden baptismal cross.
I thought happily: “Here he is, sweet,
The first news of himself handed me”.

But the anxiety, I fell out of love
All my coves and caves;
I'm not scared of vipers cane,
Crabs for dinner did not bring,
And I went on the southern beam
For vineyards in a stone quarry, –
There was not a short road.
And it often happened, that the owner
I nodded to the new farm,
cried yzdaly: “That does not go?
everyone says – you bring happiness”.
I answered: “bring happiness
Only a horseshoe to a new month,
If he looks right into the eyes”.
In the room I did not like to come.

Blowing from the east dry winds,
Fell from the sky big star,
In the lower church served prayers
seafarers, stretching out into the sea,
And swim in the bay of jellyfish,
like stars, fallen per night,
Deep water turned blue.
As kurlykayut cranes in the sky,
How restlessly pop cicadas,
How about sadness sings soldier,
All I remember sensitive ear,
Yes, but this song did not know,
To the prince stayed with me.
She became I often dream
In narrow bracelets, in a short dress,
With a pipe in the hands of the cool white.
sit down, calm, stares,
And do not ask about my sadness,
And do not tell about their grief,
Only my shoulder gently stroking.
How can I know the prince,
Does not he remember my signs?
Who it will indicate our old house?
Our house completely away from the road.

Autumn rainy winter gave way,
In the white room on the barrel of the windows,
And ivy wound on a garden wall.
They come on someone else's dog yard,
Under my window until dawn howl.
A difficult time for the heart was.
So I whispered, on the door looking:
“Christ, We will reign wisely,
Build a large church over sea
Lighthouse and high build.
We'll take care of the water and land,
We are not going to hurt anyone”.


Suddenly softened the dark sea,
The swallows have returned to their nests,
And make the land of red poppies,
And fun was back at the seaside.
During the night one summer came, –
So we will not see spring and.
And I do not fear,
The new share blowjob.
And in the evening on Palm Saturday,
From the church came, I told my sister:
“On you my candle and rosary,
Bible our home leave.
A week later, come Easter,
And it is high time to gather, –
Right, Prince already on the road,
Sea me he will come here”.
Molcha sister looked on words,
sighed only, I remember, right,
Tsygankiny speech at the cave.
“He will bring you a necklace
And with blue stones ring?”
“No, – I said, – We do not know,
What a gift he is preparing me”.

Were my sister the same age
And so resemble each other,
What little we distinguish
Only our mother birthmarks.
Since childhood, sister did not know how to walk,
Like a wax doll lying;
Anyone she was not angry
And the embroidered shroud,
Even delirious dream job;
I heard, she whispered:
“Cloak of the Virgin will be blue…
Christ, the apostle John
Pearls for tears to get me nowhere…”

Courtyard overgrown with goosefoot and mint,
Donkey grazing at the gate,
And on the long straw chair
Lena lay, rend rookie,
All of his work missed, –
In such a holiday a sin to work.
And brings to us the salty breeze
From Kherson ringing Easter.
Each stroke echoed in the heart,
With blood flowed through his veins.
“Helen, – I told my sister, –
I'm going right now to shore.
If the prince will come after me,
You explain to him the way.
Let him catch up to me in the desert.
I want the sea to me today”.
“Where have you heard a song,
the, that the prince lure? –
eyes slightly open, sister asked. –
In the city you do not happen,
And here do not sing such songs”.
To his ear bent her,
I whispered,: “know, Lena,
After all, I myself came up with a song,
It is better that there is no light”.
And do not believe me, and for a long time,
For a long time she was silent reproach.


The sun was on the bottom of the well,
Basking on the rocks skolopendry,
And runs a tumbleweed,
Slovno clown horbatыy kryvlyayas,
A soaring sky high,
As Bogoroditsyn cloak, sinelo, –
First, it did not happen so.
Lightweight yacht with a half-day chase,
White bezdelnitsy crowded lot
At the Konstantinovsky battery, –
Видно, they wind now easy.
I quietly walked along the bay to the Cape,
By the black, the broken, sharp rocks,
Foam covered in surf watches,
And repeats a new song.
I Knew: with whom the prince had no,
He hears my voice, confused, –
And because my every word,
As God's gift, it was cute.
The first boat was not – flew,
And catch up with her second,
The rest barely visible.

As I lay in the water – I do not remember,
How then dozed off – I do not know,
Just woke up and saw: sail
Blyzko poloschetsya. before me,
By standing in water belt transparent,
Groping hands a huge old man
In the deep crevices of cliffs coastal,
Voice hoarse cries for help.
I began to read aloud a prayer,
I was taught a little,
that I did not dream terrible,
to our home misfortunes had happened.
I just rumor: “you Guardian!” –
I see – in the hands of the old man is white
Something, and my heart stood still…
Handed sailor to, who rules
the most fun, cruise boat,
And I put it on the black stones.

For a long time I did not dare to believe in yourself,
fingers bitten, to wake up:
Dark and caressing my prince
I lay quietly and looked at the sky.
This eyes, zelenee sea
And our dark cypresses, –
I saw, they went out…
It would be better to be born a blind me.
He groaned and shouted incoherently:
“Swallow, swallow, how it hurts me!”
Right, I'm a bird he seemed.

At dusk I returned home.
The dark room was quiet,
And standing over the icon lamp high,
Narrow crimson ogonechek.
“I do not come after you prince, –
Lena said, steps hearing, –
I waited for him to vespers
And sends the children on the pier”.
“He will never come after me,
He will never come back, Lena.
He died today, my prince”.
Long and often Sister baptized;
All turned to the wall, silent.
I guessed, Lena crying.
I heard – prince of singing:
“Christ is risen from the dead”, –
And untold light shone
round church.


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