Pines - Pasternak

В траве, between wild Balzaminov,
Daisies and forest bathed,
we lie, hands thrown back
And the sky having lifted up the head.
Grass on a glade of pine
Neprohodima and thick.
We pereglyanemsya again
Change positions and locations.
And so, immortal for a while,
We were named to the ranks of pines
And from disease, epidemics
And death released.

With intentional monotony,
as an ointment, gustaya blue
To go to the ground bunnies
And spoil our sleeves.

We divide the rest Krasnolesye,
Under the swarming ant
Sosnovy hypnotic mixture
Lemon incense breathing.

And so fiercely on blue
The run-up fire barrels,
And we have long arms do not vynem
From under cocked heads,

And so much latitude in the sight,
And so obediently all outside,
That somewhere behind the trunks of the sea
Imagining all the time I.

There are waves above these branches,
AND, Dumping a boulder,
Cave Castle shrimp
Troubled with the bottom.

And in the evenings for a tow
At the traffic reaches the dawn
And cast fish oil
And misty haze of amber.

It's getting dark, and gradually
Moon buries all traces
Under white foam magieyu
And the black magic water.

A wave noisy and above all,
And the audience poplavke
The crowd at the post with a poster,
indiscernible distance.

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