Spring - Pasternak


that kidney, that the adhesive swollen butts
Is stuck on to the branches! Zateplen
April. Mature pulls out of the park,
And the forests replica strengthened.

Forest strapped across his throat gin birds
larynx, Hoping buffalo ropes,
And groaning in networks, like groans in sonatas
Gladiator steel body.

Poetry! Greek sponge suckers
whether you, and the adhesive between the greenery
You used to put me wet board
Green garden benches.

Grow yourself lush bryzhzhi and hoops,
Gathers clouds and ravines,
And at night, poetry, I'll squeeze you out
In the health-hungry paper.


Spring! not depart
By the river on the ice-hole. In the town
fragments of ice, as gulls,
float, shouting with three boxes.

Land, Plot worries,
And under the bridge span
flooded streets
poured filth.

Them float, as matches,
Through the cold ice drift
Gardens and trains
And do not find the ford.

From mugs blue ice,
Foam petrels
You become ill. However, house
Around flooded song.

And throw to think about those,
Who went fishing.
The city is walking sin
And go to the fallen tears.


Unless the dirt is visible to you,
And do not jump in the eyes hoist?
Not playing in the ditches-
Like apples trotter?
Unless poultry tsedyat,
The blue sky chirping,
Ice lemon lunch
Through a straw beam?
Look around and you will see
By Zara, all day, everywhere,
With head Moscow, like Kitezh,-
The light-blue water.
Why are transparent roof
And crystal color?
Hoping to rush, brick Kolyshev,
Days rush in the evening.
City, like a swamp, topok,
Snow scabs on account,
And February is lit, as cotton
Zahlebnuvshyysya alcohol.
White flame bruising
vigilance attics, the hair
Cover birds and twigs -
Air goal and weightless.
These days you lose the name,
Crowds of people knocks down.
But you are not alone.
Know, your friend with them,
But you are not alone.

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