Golden Autumn - Pasternak

Autumn. Fairy-tale palace,
All open to review.
Glade of forest roads,
Zaglyadevshis Lake.

How about an exhibition of paintings:
Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall
Elm, ash trees, aspens
The gilding unprecedented.

Linden hoop gold
How wreath of novobrachnoy.
Lick birch under a veil
Wedding and transparent.

buried land
Under the foliage in ditches, wells.
The yellow maple wings,
Like in gilded frames,

Where the trees in September
At the dawn stand in pairs,
And the sunset on their bark
It leaves a trail of amber,

Where you can not step into a ravine,
That did not become known to all:
so rages, every step,
Underfoot sheet woody,

Where the sounds at the end of the alleys
Echo in a steep descent
And the dawn of cherry glue
It freezes a bunch.

Autumn. ancient Area
old books, clothes, arms,
Where treasures directory
Scrolls Chill.

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