Telephone – Korney Chukovsky

My phone rang.
- Who speaks?
- Elephant.
- Where from?
- From camel.
- What do you want?
- Chocolate.
- For whom?
- For my son.
- And how many to send?
- Yes, that way five pounds
or six:
More he did not eat,
I have it still small!

And then call
And with tears begged:
- My dear, good,
Send me galoshes,
And me, and women, and Totos.

- Wait, Do not you
Last week
I sent two pairs
great galoshes?
- Brother, they, that you sent
Last week,
We have long been eaten
And waiting, can not wait,
When did you send it again
For our lunch
New sweet and galoshes!

And then call zaychatki:
- Is it possible to send gloves?

And then called the Monkey:
- Send, you are welcome, books!

And then I called Bear
Yes, I started, I started to roar.

- shoot, bear, not Revit,
Explain, What do you want?

But he's only "moo" da "moo",
And what, why -
I do not understand!

- Poveste, you are welcome, tube!

And then they called heron:
- Send, you are welcome, drops:

We are now frogs overeat,
And our bellies ached!

And then she called a pig:
- Send the nightingale to me.
Today we are alone with a nightingale
Sing a wonderful song.
- No, not! Nightingale
Doesn't sing for pigs!
Call-ka you better crow!

Again, bear:
- ABOUT, save walrus!
Yesterday he had swallowed sea urchin!

And this rubbish
All day:
Melons di Legno,
Melons di Legno,
Melons di Legno!
The seal calls, the deer.

And recently, two gazelles
We called and sang:
- Really
all burnt

- Brother, Are you in mind, gazelle?
Do not burn the carousel,
And swing survived!
you would, gazelle, not galdeli,
And next week
would have galloped and caught
On the swing carousel!

But do not listen to ghazals
And still chattered:
- Really
All swing
What a stupid gazelles!

And yesterday morning,
- Does this apartment
Moydodıra? —
I was angry, how to zaoru:
- No! It's someone else's apartment!!!
- And where Moidodyr?
- I can not tell you ...
Please call
One hundred twenty five.

I have not slept for three nights,
I'm tired.
I would sleep,
But as soon as I lay down -
- Who speaks?
- Rhino.
- What?
- trouble! trouble!
Run more here!
- What's the matter?
- Spas!
- Who?
- Behemoth!
Our behemoth fell into a swamp ...
- Fell into the swamp?
- Yes!
And not to, no here!
ABOUT, if you do not have to -
he drowned, sink in the swamp,
dies, disappear

- Okay! Begu! Begu!
If you can, help!

Oh, it is not an easy job -
From swamp to drag the hippopotamus!

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