Mayakovsky - Tsvetaeva


To the edge of the earth does not become extinct
Without desperate dyadey,
Any, baby, Volodymyr:
The whole world Volodya!


Literary - not in it
heart, and here - the blood spill!
It comes every seven days.
Gone - once in a century

comes. shot down an advanced
Fighter. what, capital,
Yet you news, which
Still - Editorials?

it's, cute, we,
Chernovets - milyukovtsu:
"Vladimir Mayakovsky? Yes, with.
head, they say, and jacket

Oh the blood-your-krovtsa!
How to reconcile novyu,
Time of its first fighter
Blood - on the second page


"In the grave, in the ordinary dark
suit, in stable, rough
shoes, lined with iron, is
the greatest poet of the revolution ".
("One day the newspaper", 24 April 1930 city)

In Boots, savvy iron,
In Boots, in which he took the hill -
No cost, no detour
Not inherited Pass -

Spent up to radiance
Over a twenty-year span.
Mount Sinai proletarian,
Where pravodatel - he.

In boots - dvustopnaya living space,
So as not to interfere with housing division -
In Boots, in which, ponamorschas,
Gore carried - and took - and cursed - and sang -

The boots before and without failure
On October nevspahannostyam,
In boots - almost diver:
Kern, Well let cleaner:

The boots of the great trek,
on donbassovskih, I suppose, nails.
Mountain misery of his people
Stapyatydesyaty (Gosizdat)

Million ... - In which way
his, when that year:
"Nothing in his de plant!»
All the peoples of the mountain of grief - that.

So these - about his Rolls-Royce
Chatter has not died down -
Dead pioneers shouted: Fall in!
In boots - evidence.


The love boat has crashed against life.

And the mite can not put
On such a leader.
Boat is your, friend,
From a dictionary?

In the boat, but still in love
Upturned - scandal!
Razin - what you do not match? —
Better cope with life.

Eco-innovation - the medicine
slashing, that your faucet!
Guy, no proletarian
Are acting - and that your pan!

Well worth it in the gods and in the uterus
Us, to - blood, rather than the dawn! —
Class white lining
eversion naposled.

like cadet, the Toske
Shot - with anguish!
Guy! not in Mayakovski
are acting: a chess.

Furažečku b on broviški
And - goodbye, Sponsored Matches!
His great-grandson had lived,
Finished - his great-grandfather.

To-already, how in fact
Go out - shame you seize:
Council of the Russian Werther.
Russian nobility gesture.

Just before - in okolodok,
Well now ...
- Enemy You are my mother!
No love boat
New - no under the moon.


Shot - the very soul,
Once that enemies.
atheists destroyed
Today is the last temple.

Once again, not stopped,
AND, got a point - UUPE.
It was therefore the heart,
Kohl shot trace - stop.

(abroad, meeting:
"Well, case! What munitions!
So - there is also the heart?
And he gf, that we?»)

Shot - the nail,
In fairground goal.
(Often - left lobe
Drop - with his wife in bed.)

Well done! not proshybsya!
A woman's sake - well!
And Helen parshivkoy
- Thinking - nazovesh.

only one, therefore significantly,
We were surprised lefovets:
Only right and knew
Smoking is something, and then - in a word.

If I had the right - to svork
Lancetik - healthy and your boss.
Shot in the left flap:
Well, in the most-those Centropa!


Flame-colored grain
I throw on a palm,
That brought it into the abyss of light
Red as fire.

Soviet dignitary,
At full Synod ...
- Health, Sergei!
- Health, Volodya!

tire out? - smallness.
- In general? - For personal.
- shoot? - Habitually.
- Gorelov? - Well.

- It was to be lived?
- Pass in way nek`torom.
Worthless ..., Sergei!
Worthless ..., Volodya!

Do you remember, as a mat
During his entire pop
Basische - I have something
Obkladыval? - Okay

Oh ... - That they and the boat
The love boat!
Can it be true because of the skirt?
- Huzhey of vodka.

swollen mug.
Since then, and on edge?
Worthless, Sergei.
- Worthless, Volodya.

And yet - not a razor -
load purely.
So therefore a bit
Kartishka? - Oozing.

- Attach plantain.
- Good and collodion.
applicable, Sergei?
- Applications, Volodya.

And what about Russ -
on mother? - I.e
Where? - In Esesesere
What's new? - Build.

Parents - rodyat,
Pests - tochut,
Publishers - lead,
Writers - strochut.

New bridge laid,
Yes floods washed away.
All the same, Sergei!
- All the same, Volodya.

A pevchaya room?
- people, know, grated!
We weaving laurels,
We like the dead

Rod. old growth
Yes tomorrow varnish.
Yes, you will not manage
With one Pasternak.

he likes, hand applicable
On ihnem bezvodye?
applicable, Sergei?
- Applications, Volodya!

Yet you bow ...
- What kind
Our Lsan Aleksanych?
- Won - Angel! - Fedor

Kuzmich? - On the channel:
For red cheeks
went. - Nikolai Gumilyov?
- In the East,.

(The bloody matting,
On a cart full ...)
- All the same, Sergei.
- All the same, Volodya.

When all is well,
Volodya, mil-a friend of mine -
Re-impose the hands,
Volodya, though hand - and -

- Although there is no,
Sergei, mil-my brother,
Under the kingdom, and it
planted a grenade!

And rastvorozhennom
We Voskhod -
Bet, Sergei!
- bet, Volodya!


Many temples destroyed,
And this - more valuable than the whole.
repose, Jesus, the soul of the deceased thine enemy.

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