my poems, written so early - Tsvetaeva

my poems, written so early,
What I did not know, I - poet,
to disrupt, as from a fountain splashes,
Like sparks from rockets,

broke into, like little devils,
In the sanctuary, where sleep and incense,
My poems about youth and death,
- unreadable poems!

Scattered in the dust shopping,
Where no one would take and not take,
my poems, like precious wines,
Their turn will come.

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Anna Akhmatova
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  1. Теркин

    Помнится, было когда-то,
    Но лучшие дни позади. Хорошие люди спились,
    Не выдержав силы тоски.

    Хорошие спились, плохие тоже
    Ведь стали жертвами мы.
    Горы горятяжёлая ноша,
    Сломали золотые умы.