Boulevard - Lermontov

Since only a minute Boulevard Reaching,
I took a pen - and, right, very glad,
The fruit on it my usual rights
Learns new tabloid maskerad;
Satyrs, I called for help -
instigated, - and everything will go smoothly.
Ruga people, but only scold sharply;
Not that - ... the hell out of your pen!..

Come out of the underground fire,
My Little Devil, disheveled wit,
And parrots sit near me.
"Fool," I say - and you cry "fool".
Do not stand tabloid family -
Though frowning, at the fist squeeze,
Innocent babe in 40 years old -
Fifteen you all there is no!

And you, My old man with red wig,
You, MP centuries and graves,
Trembling and all similar to the stallion,
As the blood of all let him live,
You're here and you look bredesh September,
Though there princess babbles: how sweet!
And in order and tries to praise,
To his vice in B **** excuse!..

Podalee on the chairs there is another;
Hardly sitting crooked son of the earth;
He looks like an expert in lorgnette double;
Vlas his silver in the dust.
He endowed the eastern soul,
Kohl soul in it could find a hundred years.
But I swear (let over - will dust),
she is thin, when at his feet.

And what? - He's right, He's right, my friends.
fool, who lived, to be on a diet;
clever, who gave their days of love;
And this man saved his: for love.
Replacement of the soul, he found blood.
But happy is he, who can speak,
That he ate the honey drops to earth,
What he loved and the body and soul!..

И я любил! - Again, to his passions!
drop it, throw their crazy dreams!
It is time to give attention to the incline,
These candidates Beauty,
Their attire - how to describe everything you?
The outfit they are not sweet simplicity,
Everything is so high, because perched,
As the storm inflicted on them.

Noticeable arrogance in their banal chatter,
The lips are always ready to tell: not.
And they are cold, as in the moon
It seems to us a portrait of her great-grandmother;
when I look, the, right, I'm sorry,
The taste is so fashionable light.
After all, think Tenet tapes, kisey,
How bunnies, Catch my friends.

I sat by the window just by chance,
And then head out of the window,
unscrewing, and a cap simple -
But how was it divine.
Mouth and eyes - ashamed! In my mind,
The head that does not expelled;
Like some nights sleeping infant
Or, as the song my mother.

And how many years have passed since!..
ABOUT, take it from me, Moscow beauties,
Brilliant your headgear
Gone to unable our head.
All dresses, hats, curls your vzdor.
The same nonsense, What you firmly,
When the crowd going here comets,
A mother's running after you wake.

But what I comets you
He named, tupeyshy fool will understand
And he immediately explains Bashutsky.
The comet's tail behind it entails;
And it's all we have recognized,
Though - that it, nobody plead:
Well after you left tail muzhev,
Respirators and poor suitors!

About grooms! About poor Mosolov;
How not to breathe, when you find,
Pedantika, kind of cockerels,
Among young virgins as if in a daze;
Although the size and keep the words,
But you agree to his misfortune,
That it is better not to say,
How silly and stupid to think to judge.

he Chvanov, what exactly it is Russian;
But if that was all the people,
I would set off from Russia won.
And then say, wonderful patriot;
Only trained their language,
He does not give this home edge:
And they knew all ends of the earth,
What have we such fools.

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