ninth hour; too dark; near the gates - Lermontov

ninth hour; too dark; near Gate
Blacken next five old houses,
fence around. Tall, thin
The gatekeeper is ready to Zavalin
Fall asleep; - would not rain, sky is clear, –
The whole city sleeps. He has been waiting in vain;
All the windows are dark - shine only two -
And there - is not you rich, Moscow!

But, heard! - to the gate someone arrives.
dashing droshky, the coachman with a beard
broad, black horses. - Climbs down,
He is wearing a cloak, mischievous young;
Skrypit him wicket; underfoot
Knock hesitate board. (Between us
I tell, He did not interrupt anyone's sleep.)
the door opened, - candle. - Who's here? - Is he.

His maiden learned young,
Removes the cloak and the room is;
The candlestick copper dimly burn out,
Candle on them the last ray pours,
And on the bed with a high feather,
And on the wall with a picture of luboshnoyu;
And in the mirror with the opposing party
Two young faces reflected.

She was beautiful, like the dreams
Child under the luminary of the southern countries.
What beauty? - uzhel one name?
Ile chest high and flexible mill,
Or big eyes? - but sometimes
None of this is we call beauty:
Mouth without words - no one could love,
Eyes without fire - no smell flower!

It was fresh, like Lola Rose,
She was like a portrait
Madonna - Madonna and Raphael;
And it was hardly eighteen years;
Only holiness features are not expressed.
Eyes raging fire blazed,
And chest excitedly called kiss;
He was not a father - but it was ...

Well? - a young virgin,
Which all wealth - the beauty!..
And though, married not wanting to go,
What was she to conceal their summer?
She does not know hypocrisy speed
And this is just another imitated!..
Not everything it matter? - love does not put into sin
That one - that many - it all!

I am a woman makes provision
Previously,, to satisfy my passion:
all you need, First of all, my health,
А во-вторых, I do not like to dwell;
So did guys pet gentle:1
He took sertuk, I sat down on the bed carelessly,
kissing, sly look -
And immediately ordered her to undress!

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