Russia - Yesenin


Village drowned in uhabynah,
Overshadowed by the forest hut.
only seen, on the bumps and hollows,
How many blue circle the heavens.

Howling in the twilight long, winter,
Wolves formidable with skinny fields.
From house to house in pogorayuschem frost
Above the eaves snorting horses.

As owl's eyes, of branches
Look in shawls blizzard lights.
And stand up for Dubrovnaya nets,
Like evil forest, hemp.

Intimidate us unclean force,
Whatever hole - all wizards.
In a cruel frozen in the misty twilight
On birches hanging braids.


But love you, homeland krotkaya!
And for that - I can not solve.
Vesela your joy is short
With a loud song in the spring meadow.

I love mowing over parking
Listen gud evening mosquitoes.
How garknut guys Talianki,
Come the girls dancing around campfires.

Zahoryatsya, like black currants,
Ugli eyes versed brovey.
Oh you, Russ mine, dear homeland,
Sweet rest in silk kupyr.


Ponakarkali black crows:
Terrible ills wide scope.
Twists whirlwind forest in all directions,
Shroud waving foam Lakes.

A Sound of thunder, sky cup split,
Clouds torn Kuta forest.
On the suspension of lightweight gold
Zakachalys lamps heaven.

Tale of the windows constables
Militias to go to war.
Zagıgıkali plea slobodskie,
Crying cut a circle of silence.

Assemble peacefully Pahari
without sorrow, without complaints and tears,
We put in a bag on sugar donuts
And on the dumpy shoved WHO.

According to high village outskirts
I watched them indiscriminately people ...
That's where, Rus, Well done thy good,
All support in times of hardship.


Zatomilas village nevestochkoy -
How cute is at the far end?
Why not notified News, –
Not killed there in a hot battle?

The grove chudilis incense,
The wind blasts bones knocking.
And they came to him suddenly out of the blue
With long piles parish news.

Preserved them Pahari memo,
From then brought everything to the letter.
Then picked up native gramotku,
For vetlovuyu sat braiding.

Gathered over chetnitsey Lusheyu
Dopytatsya favorite speeches.
And squatting crying, listening to,
The success of native athletes.


Brother, my field, furrow cute,
You are good in my sorrow!
I love these frail huts
With podzhidanem gray mothers.

Dropping to lapotochkam berestjanym,
Peace to you, rake, hair and davits!
I am wondering gaze of the bride
In war, the fate of the groom.

I made peace with the thoughts weak,
Although I have been a bush near the water.
I want to believe the best with women,
Warm candle evening star.

I guessed their thoughts untold,
Do not frighten them no thunder and no darkness.
For sohoyu a cherished songs
Not a fad death and prison.

They believed in these scribbles,
Output from hard work,
And with happiness and joy cried,
In drought over the first rain.

And for a thought of separation from birthmarks
The soft grass, I grew up under the beads,
They imagined in expanses of smokes
Over the meadows merry mowing.

Oh you, Rus, my homeland krotkaya,
Only for you, I love the shore.
Vesela your joy is short
With a loud song in the spring meadow.

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