In the fortieth year

1. August 1940
It is your city, Julian!
Viacheslav. Ivanov

When bury era,
Tombstone psalm does not sound,
nettles, chertopolohu
Decorate it to be.
Only the gravediggers famously
work. It is not waiting!
quietly, So, Jesus, quiet,
heard, as time goes on.
And then she comes up,
Like a corpse on spring river,-
But the mother's son did not know,
And the grandson turns away in grief.
And tends to lower the head,
like a pendulum, walk the moon.

so here – killed over Paris
This is now the silence.
5 August 1940
Sheremetev House

2. Londontsam
And make war in heaven.

Twenty-fourth drama Shakespeare
Writes while dispassionate hand.
The participants of the plague of the feast,
Better we Hamlet, Caesar, Lyra
Let us read over the lead river;
Better today Juliet dove
With singing and accompany the torch in the coffin,
It is better to look in the window to Macbeth,
At the assassin tremble, –
Not only this, not this, not this,
This already we can not read!

3. Shadow
What does a woman of the hour of death?

Always smartly all, all pink and above,
Why do pop-up you from the bottom of the dead years,
And the memory of prey sways in front of me
Transparent profile for your glasses coaches?
As we argued then – you're an angel or bird!
Straw you named poet.
The same on all through the black eyelashes
Daryal eyes streamed gentle light.
About shadow! Forgive me, but clear weather,
Flaubert, insomnia and late lilacs
You – beautiful thirteenth year –
And your cloudless and indifferent day
reminded… And to me this kind of
Memories are not to face. About shadow!
9 August 1940. night

Oh, I did not know eh insomnia
All of the abyss and trails,
But the cavalry as a tramp
Under howling wild pipe.
I went into the house desolate,
In recent someone comfort.
Everything is quiet, only shadows white
The others are floating mirrors.
And there in the mist – Denmark,
Normandy or here
I myself visited earlier,
And this – reissue
Forever forgotten minutes?

But I warn you,
I live for the last time.
nor swallow, not chub,
Neither reed nor a star,
Nor spring water,
No bell ringing –
I will not embarrass people
And other people's dreams to visit
Neutolennym table.

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